The Steamboat Comedy Podcast!

Winner of the 2021 Best in the Boat award for best local podcast, uour favorite local Steamboat Springs comics talk about their experiences starting out and how to build your own local comedy scene!

Available on iTunes, Spotify, Youtube, and anywhere you get your Podcasts!

Podcast Episode 1! Comedy in Steamboat Springs?

Episode 2! The Premiere of the Laugh Lab!

Episode 3! How Jared lost his Virginity (comedy style)

Episode 4! The Infamous St. Patrick's day debacle

Episode 5! Steamboat Comedy Spotlight: Kyle Ruff

Episode 6! Hail to the Chief!

Episode 7! Mark Masters and Pat Treuer are here!

Episode 8! The Butcherknife Brewery Blowout!

Episode 9! Steamboat Comedy Spotlight: Kendra Ruth

Episode 10! Steamboat Comedy Spotlight: Mack Mashmeier & Drew McElhany

Episode 11! Comedy Spotlight: Miles Sanchez!

Episode 12! The Witch Is Back!

Episode 13! There Will Be Blood: The Ladies of Steamboat Comedy!

Episode 14! The Seasonal Life

Episode 15! Turkey Tomfoolery

Episode 16! Korey David!

Episode 17! The Schmiggity's show success!

Episode 18! The Steamboat Comedy Christmas Special!

Episode 20! Robbie Bernstein is here!

Episode 21! Sean Patton is here!

Episode 22! May the Force be with You!

Episode 24! Quarantined for real....

Episode 25! The Corona Cure: Rollerblading

Episode 26! Keeping Quarantine Cool w/ Matt Newland

Episode 27! In Ponds Purgatory

Episode 28! Checking in with Mark Masters!

Episode 29! a Zoom chat with Pat Treuer!

Episode 30! Robbie Returns!

Episode 31! Riffing with musician Cousin Curtiss!

Episode 32! Movie talk and other tangents

Episode 33! The Pat-Trick: Pat Treuer returns!

Episode 34! Steamboat Comedy Presents: The Morrill of the Story!

Episode 35! Chatting with Scott Curtis from 'Behind the Bits'!

Episode 36! Laugh Lab in the Park!

Episode 37! Points for confidence!

Episode 38! Kendra Can't Dance!

Episode 39! Strange times....

Episode 40! Comedy in the Park 2 recap w/ Pat Treuer!

Episode 41! The Raw Data (also, Kyle's a stripper)

 Episode 42! Comedy in the Park 3 recap!

Episode 43! Comedy at the Snowbowl recap!

Episode 44! The State of the Steamboat Comedy Union

Episode 45! The Great COVID Comeback!

Episode 46! The Super Spreader

Episode 47! Holiday Hangout w/ Mark Masters!

Episode 48! 2020 Shit Storm: A Steamboat Comedy year in review

Episode 49! The return of the Laugh Lab!

Episode 50! The 50th Episode Mild Spectacular! 

Episode 51! Covid-less Comedy recap!

Episode 52! Desperation Day 3 recap with Sean Patton and Caitlin Cook!

Episode 53! Cat Talk with MK Paulsen!

Episode 54! The Best of Times, and the Worst of Times

Episode 55! The Beginning of the End Recap!

Episode 56! Comedy Talk with Mo Vida!

Episode 57! Big Announcements for the summer! and other nonsense

Episode 58! Meet new guy Tom!

Episode 59! Surviving Mud Season

Episode 60! The Schmiggity's Summer Stand-up Series Kickoff!

Episode 61! The Troll and the Ogre!

Episode 62! The Studio Return Celebration!

Episode 63! Mack's Roast was FUNNY

Episode 64! The REAL "Best of the Boat"

Episode 65! Clicks pay the bills, baby

Episode 66! Woodstock 99: a Festival of Assault

Episode 67! Tres Womack and Friends

Episode 68! The Hiatus Breaker

Episode 69! Corporate Sellouts

Episode 70! Hot Takes!

Episode 71! The Best Podcast in the Boat!

Episode 72! So Damn Thankful

Episode 73! The Steamboat Dental Show!

Episode 74! No Way Home

Episode 75! Comedy inside-baseball, and more!

Episode 76! Impress the Best

Episode 77! Bruce Gray in the Studio!

Episode 78! Trippin w/ Matt Ruby!

Episode 79! Soaked in Bleach w/ Robbie Bernstein

Episode 80! He is Raisin!

Episode 81! Team Amber Heard

Episode 82! ROASTED!

Episode 83! Norm's Farewell

Episode 84! George Carlin, The G.O.A.T.

Episode 85! A Colorado Comedy Collaboration!

Episode 86! Baby Crazy!

Episode 87! Running the Light

Episode 88! Undateable

Episode 89! Gay for Comedy

Episode 90! Promo Codes

Episode 91! What's with Murder Porn?

Episode 92! The New Studio!

Episode 93! The Hottest Chris

Episode 94! Cars Suck

Episode 95! From our family, to yours

Episode 96! World Piece

Episode 97! The Best Superbowl Betting Guide

Episode 98! Life's Big Questions

Episode 99! Fat Boy Sunday

The 100th Episode Spectacular!

Episode 101! #UniteTheHeard

Episode 103! Vibes & Energy

Episode 104! Barbie & Matt & Kyle

Episode 105! Who are these people?

Episode 106! The 100 Mile Man

Episode 107! Flexin on Hoes

Episode 108! Still the Best! (in the boat)

Episode 109! The Christmas Spectacular!

Episode 110! Original Pranksters

Episode 111! Working Blue w/ Matt Ruby & Nick Ellis

Episode 112!

Episode 113! Thespians!

Episode 114! Man vs Bear